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TVWDC Events

USCA Sanctioned IGP Trial

USCA Sanctioned Breed Survey

IGP Handler Seminar

Helper Seminar/Classification

Tracklayer Seminar/Classification


Trial Judge: USCA Michael Caputo

Breed Survey Judge:  Heidi Theis

Teaching Helper & Tracklayer for Helper and Tracklayer Seminars:  Tim Reiber

July 20-21, 2024

Trial Entry Form:

Trial Entry Form (

due to limited tracking, IGP trial spaces are currently full, contact TVWDC to be added to the waiting list

Breed Survey Entry Form:

Breed Survey Entry Form (

Helper Seminar Entry:

Tracklayer Seminar Entry:





As always, TVWDC is committed to our outside competitors as well as our own member competitors!

Trial Schedule


7:00pm - IGP impartiality, microchip check, turn in scorebooks



6:00am - IGP obedience, followed by protection

8:00am - BH dogs impartiality test, microchip check, and turn in scorebook.  BH obedience will begin immediately following check in.  BH Traffic Test will follow BH obedience.

Helper Classification for TVWDC Club helper will follow the trial, (he had a recent shift change and must work Sunday now, remainder of helper seminar for outside entrants will be Sunday)


11:00am Lunch Break

12:00pm - IGP Handler Seminar to follow the Breed Survey




6:00am - IGP tracking

​Breakfast to follow tracking


9:00am - Helper Seminar will begin after completion of the trial on Sunday 

9:30am - Breed Survey

Track Layer Seminar will follow Helper Seminar

Trial is held on private property and can only be limited to trial dogs. Absolutely no dogs not entered in the trial allowed on trial grounds or the street, if you bring a dog not entered in the trial, you will be asked to leave with the dog, no exceptions.

***Trial is held on private property, therefore, proof of dhlp/parvo and rabies required for all trial dogs, no exceptions.*** 

Please mail proof with your entry.

Hotel Information:

Best Western - 908 Specht Ave, Caldwell, Idaho 83605  -  (208) 454-7225

 La Quinta - 901 Specht Ave  Caldwell, ID 83605  -  (208) 454-2222

     ***  TVWDC has not made arrangements with these hotels***

     ***  These hotels state they accept dogs, please verify when making your reservation*** 


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