We are very sorry, TVWDC Membership is FULL

please check back - we will post here if/when there are any openings

TVWDC Board Members

  • President   -   Jeff Theis

  • Vice President   -   Dave Alford

  • Secretary/Treasurer   -   Sharon Mitchell

  • Training Director   -   Heidi Theis

  • Assistant Training Director - Sandi Meikle

TVWDC Helpers

  • Brandon Theis 

  • Jeff Theis

General Members

  • Brandon Theis 

  • Richard Greene     

  • Becky Young

  • Dan Young

  • Vitaliy Autin

  • Erica Crowe

  • Tracie Snyder

  • Marc Bridgford

  • Johanna Kratt

Youth Members

  • no current youth members

Probationary Members

  • no current probationary members

In Memoriam  Members 

  • Marcia Hodge


Membership Information

To be a member of any USA Schutzhund Club, you must first become a member of the United Schutzhund Clubs of America.  After joining USCA, you may visit TVWDC with your dog for 3 training sessions.  After 3 training sessions, you must submit a member application + fees to the club Treasurer.  At this point, you will become a "probationary member" for a period of 3-6 months.  Between the 3-6 month probationary period, TVWDC's Board of Directors will vote to approve or deny your membership.  

Membership Fees

  • Yearly dues are $300 for all new** and current adult members.

  • Yearly youth membership dues are $75.00 for all new** and current youth members.

  • **All NEW members shall pay a non-refundable new member fee of $100 adult members or $25 for youth members, this is in addition to yearly dues.

Additional Fees

  • There are Trial, Show, or Breed Survey Entry Fees that your membership does not include.  These Fees vary depending on the event.

  • Any time the TVWDC Board feels necessary, it may impose nominal assessments on the Board and General Members.  In this instance, this would be to cover increasing insurance costs, training equipment costs, etc.

Club Apparel

Training Director & USCA Judge - Heidi Theis

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President - Jeff Theis (the big buy)

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TVWDC helper - Brandon Theis

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Treasurer/Secretary - Sharon Mitchell

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Vice President - Dave Alford

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Assistant Training Director - Sandi Meikle

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1st Youth Member now adult - Erica Crowe

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Club Photographer - Vitaliy Autin

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In Memoriam Member - Marcia Hodge

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Dan Young - Club wine and beer aficionado

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Johanna Kratt

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